How to make youtube ads that work – ABCDs of Effective Creative

( Start at 30 seconds in the above video – )

Front-load your most interesting piece at the start. Hook audience attention from the start.

B = BRAND (When should you introduce your brand in the video?)
(1 min 15 seconds in the video – )

If your goal is upper funnel like Ad recall, then bring your brand name on the screen within the first 5 seconds, and then show it often throughout your ad.

If your goal is mid-funnel like Consideration, then let the audience first engage with your video (content), to understand your story, and then introduce your brand later in a way that makes them connect with your brand in a more memorable way.

C = CONNECT through emotion and storytelling
(2 min 14 seconds into the video at )

Use creative content and styles to connect with  your audience

Try fast pacing – new cuts, new scenes to make the video fast-paced.

Make sure to use both visuals and audio to make an impact.

D = DIRECT – Direct the viewer what to do next
( 3min 6 seconds into the video

Make sure you use an appropriate “call to action” to direct the users to what you are expecting next.