5 Psychological Principles You Should Be Using In Your Marketing

I really liked this article by Kate Wilcox . If you have time, then the full article is well worth a read.

If you just want some quick action points (not as elegant or well explained as the original article), then the following summary (in my own words) might help :

1. Make the conversion process simpler.

Review this from time to time -How can you simplify your conversion further? If you have some dominant keywords bringing in traffic, can you simplify the conversion for each set of traffic understanding their intent?

2. Give something to get the conversion.

Make the user feel rewarded and willing to reciprocate.

3. People hate loosing. Use this concept in your copy.

Example “Offer closing soon”, “Book now before all spots sell out”.

4. A confident voice can influence the majority.

If you have some good (converted believer type) testimonials then present them prominently in your copy.

5. Social influence helps

We have a tendency to believe that if so many others found this useful, if so many others say this is good, then this must be good. Show reviews and ratings prominently (injected in copy or CTA if possible).

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Affinity audiences list & the list of In-market audiences available in AdWords

Affinity audiences list and the list of In-market audiences can be quickly browsed on this AdWords codes and formats page in the AdWords API documentation.

affinity audiences list adwords

Although nothing extraordinary but this list could be very useful in some cases.

For example, you could be outside meeting a new prospect and suddenly if they want to consider the possibility of advertising on the display network, then, instead of loading the AdWords interface, the above page could be quickly loaded on your mobile, to easily see the list of available in-market audiences or the affinity audiences list.