Google Ads : Equipment Rental ads being flagged as “Housing”

While managing an active ad account, most of the time we look at the account from a higher level. We dig deeper into the account only if we notice a problem, or when we want to improve some aspect.

However, if you are running or managing Google ads, more specifically remarketing ads, for any equipment rental business, then I urge you to look at your remarketing ads “Status” attribute/ column very carefully.

Your ads may be running but they may have been incorrectly categorized under “Housing”.

google ads equipment rental housing

It seems like Google is running some algorithm to figure out such ads at scale, but this automated process might not be so accurate.

In USA and Canada, personalized ads running under “Housing” policy cannot be targeted to audiences based on gender, age, parental status, marital status, or ZIP code. See

If you are targeting on basis of gender, age, parental status, marital status, or ZIP code, then this incorrect classification may limit your ads. If so, then you can appeal against this classification.